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Illustrator: Mike Perry

Mural: Queens Day Poem by Frank Nicholas

Illustrator: Mike Perry


Project: Mike Perry x JEANASIS: “What Is Art?” Clothing and Exhibition Collaboration

Illustrator: Mike Perry

Client: Converse/Nordstrom

Illustrator: Mike Perry

Client: Victionary

Product: CITIX60 New York

Set Designer: Jerry Schwartz 

Photographer: Yelena Yemchuck

Client: Anna Sui

Campaign: Spring/Summer 2014

Photographer: Anna Wolf

Producer: Christina Villaflor & Elisabeth Fried for Six Wolves 

Client: SLS Hotels 

Campaign: SLS Las Vegas Opening August 23, 2014

Photographer: Anna Wolf

Client: Arnold Worldwide

Product: New Balance

Photographer: Dan Monick

Talent: We Are Scientists

Zine: Night Service

Available for purchase at Fathersons Zine Press

Photographer: Anna Wolf

Set Designer/Prop Stylist: Jerry Schwartz

Wardrobe Stylist: April Hughes

Hair Stylist: Carmel Bianco

Makeup Artist: Brit Cochran

Producer: Tracy @ Matador Productions

Client: Naturalizer

Campaign: Naturalizer Fall 2014